Spring is time for weddings so the couple' friends often look for new ideas to organize unforgettable stag and hens parties!

The groups of friends who decide to celebrate this special occasion organizing for the couple something really different from everyday life are more and more numerous. And what is there more different than a day on the river?

Rafting, canyoninghydrospeed or inflatable canoes: all the river activities which we organize are simply perfect to spend with the best friends an exciting day (or a week end) adventuring together in an unforgettable outdoor experience.

The river is funny, exciting, makes you feel good and requires courage: an excellent test for the newly-weds who facing the rapids with their friends' help will be able to get ready for the true adventure waiting for them.

At the end of the descent, our centre presents all the features to properly go on with the celebration. Our centre is situated on a large green ground near the river and it is equipped with a nice bar, simple but well stocked, a lot of outdoor space and facilities to organize barbecues and picnics. There are also beach volley and soccer grounds to use up surplus energy. Moreover there is a campsite where you can stay and spend the night  in case nobody would like to drive.

And if you decide to complete your week end with other activities,you can find a large range of initiatives in the section "not only river" of this site. For example some hours of relax at a wellness centres we have an agreement with or, if you are not yet tired of adrenaline, an excursion by bob, mountain biketrekking or horse riding.

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Celebrate with us!

the guest of honour gets a free descent!*

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to get any information and suggestion to organize your unforgettable party!

*Valid for groups of at least 6 participants.

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Have you read this page but you are looking forward to celebrating on the river, but you are not going to be married? No fear! We are happy to help you and organize any party you are thinking of: a birthday, a degree, the departure of a friend... whatever the occasion you have in mind just contact us and we'll do our best to help you in the organization of a memorable day!

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