Rafting has been recognized since a long time as an activity to be utilized in Companies' Team Building and incentive programs. Thanks to our qualified staff and the valuable support of external collaborators, we are in a position to offer one or more days personalized programs, even for large groups, to Companies operating in different fields.

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Your Company's staff is surely daily engaged in forming a successful, motivated team and in making the most of each member. Sometimes even the team leaders need more harmony and extra work experience to fully express their potentialities.

River activities, such as rafting, are a great opportunity: you can face and resolve problems which continually arise in the company's everyday life during the exciting, unusual setting of descending a river. Taking decisions in a short time, withstanding stressful situations, accepting risks, team working and flexibility are just some of the qualities that can be improved by a well-managed river experience.

Our river proposals, which can be enriched with personalized initiatives - such as problem solving practice, different outdoor experiences, meetings, dinners in mountain huts or evenings in front of a fire - are studied to satisfy both the Company's need to build a winning team and the participants' leisure desire. All this thanks to the fact that in a natural, relaxed environment it is possible to reproduce some of the situations useful to proactively develop interpersonal relationships.

On our YouTube channel you can find an example of our team building activities together with many more movies.

Several Companies have been able to appreciate and often to repeat the experiences lived with our team.
Riso Scotti, Ernst &Young, Caterpillar, Axa Assicurazioni, Logotel, Web Science, Kijiji, Sorgente Group, CNH Industrial, Decathlon, Aker Solutions, Hauawei Technologies, Efdien Consulting, Ict and Strategy, Schlumberger, Lama Develompment, Robur, Volvo Penta, Sell Out 2003, My Way, Atk Consulting, I & G Management, Heineken, BNP, Telecom – TIM, Tecnocasa and many other Companies, which we apologize for not mentioning, have paddled with us.


We are used to operate in the most different contexts thanks to a staff made up of a complete, heterogeneous team: all our instructors are qualified by their respective associations (F.I.Raft, F.I.C.K., A.I.C.) and we can organize team building in different languages, according to you requirements. Every professional figure that works with us contributes in a unique way to our team success thanks to years of experience in our field. In addition to being qualified instructors, many of our guides come from international river experiences. Moreover in our staff there are physical education teachers, psychologists, mountain and climbing experts and even instructors who integrate the river passion with managerial activity.

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for quotations and personalized proposals: it will be our care to satisfy you requirements studying the most appropriate training program, workable in one or more days of activities.

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