It is a funny and exciting group sport. It is based on the descent of the river on rafts fit for 6/7 people plus the Guide.

Everybody who can swim can experience the emotion of the river descent. Before boarding the instructor gives information about the basic maneuvers and safety measures. A first lesson is given ashore followed by a second one in still water, so that every participant can face the descent in safety.

Our Center provides all necessary outfit and technical equipment.

Monrosa Centre is approved by F.I.Raft. and only qualified instructors operate in the Center.

The ideal season to practice rafting is from April to September: thanks to the technical outfit (wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket, helmet) a thermal protection is always ensured. Sometimes it is even more fun when it rains!

N.B. The choice of the itinerary depends on the water level.


The time required for every itinerary is about 4 hours: including registration, dressing up, theoretical lesson ashore, trials in water and transport on mini-buses.

rafting Classic

Rafting Classic

Exciting and suggestive itinerary for everybody, beginners and skilled. Itinerary: from Balmuccia to Varallo, about 10 km. Difficulty: medium, with the possibility of a more difficult rapid (Balmuccia)
Fee: 60€.
Families: 2 adults + 1 child (under 18) 170€; 2 adults + 2 children (under 18) 200€

rafting sesia gorge

Rafting Sesia Gorges

Exciting and spectacular descent of a canyon; a mix of rafting, canyoning and river trekking. A complete river experience. Itinerary: from Muro to Balmuccia Difficulty: medium
Fee: 55€.
Families : 2 adults + 1 child (under 18) 170€; 2 adults + 2 children (under 18) 200€

rafting expert

Rafting Expert

Very steep technical itinerary rich of maneuvering rapids, recommended for those who have already experienced rafting.
Difficulty: medium to high
Fee: 75€

General Information

Fees include lessons with Instructor/Guide, local transports with vehicles provided by the Centre and insurance. They also include the utilization of technical outfit and equipment.

Participants must be able to swim and not have psycho-physical problems. They have to abide to the Center rules which must be signed for approval. Under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Personal clothes

Every participant has to bring bathing suit, trainers, long sleeves sweater (better if woollen or pile) and necessary for shower. Consider that all clothes will get wet during the descent.

How to book

Participants have to book by telephone, better some days in advance for big groups. It's also possible to use the online booking service!

Bank tranfers for the deposit can be done to:
Centro Canoa Rafting Monrosa
via Roma, 1
13020 Balmuccia (VC)
Conto CorrentePostale

Agreement declaration and exemption from responsibility (for under 18)
Agreement declaration and exemption from responsibility

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